Studio Six was retained in July 2016 to provide branding and strategic marketing for the Town of Winter Park’s transit system “The Lift.” The town officially launched the rebranded service less than four months later and in time for the opening of ski season.

Working with the Town and a community design group, Studio Six developed a comprehensive system that includes: bus graphics, visual identity, maps, signage and ads that authentically reflect the Winter Park community. To get the system in gear, the community was encouraged to take the driver’s seat. When asked, “How can we design a bus that authentically reflects the Winter Park community?” The answer provided was unexpected, but on the mark. They responded, “The bus needs to represent an all season, active and angular community.

The colors should pop against the valley’s natural green and blue backdrop, and the design should feel outdoorsy without being literal.” The concept that was ultimately chosen incorporates the tagline “Winter Park + Beyond,” this along with the graphics achieve the community’s goal to shift the perception of Winter Park from a ski town to an all season destination. “With this direction, Studio Six designed a concept that created consensus and rallied our community around transit,” explained Town of Winter Park Transit Manager Michael Koch. “With 18 buses, serving nine routes, the brightly colored, modern buses and signs are giving the community a physical and aesthetic lift. Locals and visitors are pleased at how easy it is to identify, locate and access the bus and get where they need to go.”

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