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NextDocs® Regulatory Document Management provides your business and users with the tools to succeed in a high pressure and strictly regulated business environment, enabling you to concentrate on what matters: Preparing fully compliant submission ready documents.

NextDocs’s regulatory product is completely configured for use in managing submission documents and can be validated and deployed by doing nothing more than adding specific information about your products and studies to pre-existing lists, importing templates and adding users to appropriate roles.

The Regulatory Document Management solution is based on the widely-adopted standards of the EDM Reference Model and leverages the use of templates, workflows, and processes that enable companies to reach submission-ready status faster, and with higher quality of content.


I assisted NextDocs® Document Management Systems in areas including: brand compliance, trade show conceptualization, powerpoint templates, flash presentations, posters, video storyboarding, HTML email, variable & premium mailers, sales collateral, white papers, image selection & editing, client relations

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